Spending quality time is everything….

Every one of us knows Time is precious, priceless once wasted cannot get it back.
We know but we never once look at how we are spending it. The sad part is we have all the time in the world for every stupid thing, for spending it on social media, to spend with friends, to spend with ourselves for so not valuable things but no time for our loved ones/family. We say I don’t have time in the morning and I’m tired, I need to rest at night(you of all people should understand me!).

Of course, your loved ones understand you, but when will you understand them??? we never realize that they are most precious people in the whole world, our life has no meaning if they are not there in it and its a must to make time to spend with them, talking to them. We neglect them because they are right in front of you in the morning and at the end of the day, we never realize even if staying in the same house they are missing you because you are not available. It’s all about priority, you know no matter what they will be there for us, admit it that you have taken them for granted.

Love is Spending some quality time together….

Time is precious because we can never buy it with money. Do monetary things give happiness than a loving person? Stop for a minute and think, from the start of schooling to settling in life, how much on average we spend with our family/loved ones in our lifetime? you have the answer, can count on finger’s right? such a pity. Once we lose them in our life’s can we get the time back? Then we start miss them, spending time with the same as how they missed us even when we are around doing our things. Stop making excuses for not making time. The only valuable gift you can give them is your time – a small part of your life! Other than that whatever you give them it is not worth it.
Trust me I know spending with family becomes complicated sometimes. For example, spending with mom and dad is too difficult for some of them when they start talking about the things you don’t want to discuss. Take some time to talk with anyone of your parent mom or dad, convey your thoughts about spending time together. Try, make them understand why you lose interest to spend time and ask them to stop discussing certain things, again and again, assure them you will figure out some things that whatever they are worried about you. So, request them that you want to spend some happy moments keeping everything aside. They will surely understand your feelings. 🙂
Now, when it comes to spending with your life partner/ loved ones, many of you must have asked a question to your partner that what is there to talk about? I’m spending with you know? ( checking your phone/watching TV ). When you ask like this, the other person feels like you are not interested to have the conversation and you are giving attention to tv/mobile than to your partner, its obvious. Don’t complain, if they are constantly trying to get hold of you, missing you and how do you expect them to be happy to see you run for your interests? Don’t think that your partner is not supportive, do not blame them.
When you find yourself getting irritated if your partner constantly needs to push you to spend time with him/her. Just ask yourself a question, Am I not interested? Do I love this person? He/ She is asking for gifts or my time? you have the answer. Here you need to have empathy towards your partner. Try and understand how they are feeling about your absence in their life even when you are beside them!

You will understand what it meant for them when they stop asking you and learn to live without you. When your partner asks for your time and nothing more than that, consider yourself the luckiest person. Because, in today’s world where will you find a person who is asking for your presence, making effort to communicate to you????

Please realize that Love is about giving your attention, time and showing that you care enough to make an effort to build the emotional connection between you. Then see the change in your relationship, the happiness you both feel and your partner will be more than happy to encourage you to spend time for yourself to do your things, you are interested about. When you both are happy, everything feels easy, simple. Your relationships will get a lot better, you will find yourself peaceful because lot of problems will disappear.
Think about this for a moment.


Falling in love with Nature…

Rapunzel did fall in love with nature 😉

There is a dialogue from a Telugu Movie “Kanche”. What does it say?
What is the difference between Like and Love? “If you like a flower you pluck it, If you Love it you water the plant”. I just became blank and I got a clarity of what love is with this dialogue.

Then it reminded me of my childhood days, I would pluck every flower literally every flower I liked 😀 but as I grew up I started to grow plants just to see the flowers, I just see them and enjoy their thriving life in it. Such a change in me! I felt good about myself. It fills my heart with happiness to even see a grass flower, a weed, even a newborn leaf and sprouted leaves from seed. It feels magical, that is Life!!

We messed up our life’s so much that we are lost in technology around us, leading towards destruction by cutting down trees, using plastic etc.. than enjoying the miraculous creation of life. It’s good that many of us now realize the satisfaction, happiness and sense of we did something good to the world by planting a tree. Such a simple, fun, experimental thing to do that relieves us from stress, anger, impatience, depression etc. etc. and whatnot.

There is nothing the habit of gardening cannot heal. If you still not started, no worries start gardening from this moment 🌱 You will definitely fall in love with Nature and know the meaning of love. 💗
Respect and protect mother Nature.

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What I learnt recently..

I wrote some points in my Diary which I felt everyone can benefit from…
From what understood from some of situations is that…
1. Everyone understand only from their level of perception.
2. Everyone will listen to you only to respond immediately, not to actually understand.
3. They only hear what they want to listen, instead of what we actually said.
(Because they already fixed in their mind’s about what they are expecting to listen).
I find these funny… But FACTS… 🙂
4. We cannot please everybody in our life’s. So, don’t try, don’t get tired. (Its okay because we are also not pleased by everyone) then we don’t have to expect that from others.
5. Accept that you can do this and this. Say, I’m capable of doing this much. No need to prove yourself to anyone that you can do everything.
6. If you are crying without knowing the reason, wondering what’s wrong with you!
Call the most important person who knows everything about you literally everything until today then you may find some of the reasons.
7. If you want to sing, sing your heart out, if you want to dance, dance like a child.
Overall, do whatever you feel as fun, if it doesn’t harm anyone!
8. Don’t ever overwhelm yourself with lots of “to do list”. Decide which is prior, do it!
We must have some of them in our life’s everyday.
9. Help someone on your way to work/ any person you saw that day. Your heart feels lighter, happier and you feel it expanding. (You will feel good about yourself -Self-esteem).
10. Live in the present moment. Don’t never ever live in your mind. Live consciously about the present rather than living in your mind thinking, if necessary remind yourself of this every moment. (From the book “INNER ENGINEERING” )

I’m feeling good about writing these points today. I feel happy if even a person feels relieved from these.

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Awake the child in you….


Every person in today’s life forgot who they are in reality.
So, wake up your childishness that is hidden somewhere in you, do the little things you used to love to do. You will feel happy and energetic again. The only way you can bring back the old YOU!!

Inspired to capture

It was raining early in the morning… it was too beautiful to miss and then took this Pic to save the moment forever ❤ #Love Nature 😉

Nature gives life/happiness…

Never ever give up your passion…

follow-your-passion               Did we ever question ourselves that what is our passion ?? In which we are so much interested that we neither count the time ticking nor getting tired by doing it ! You feel a satisfaction, a happiness. It’s not very easy to find what is your passion in now a days world because there is so much of knowledge to gain , so much to see and learn. So, it’s a bit difficult to know what inspires you to go for it and what is the you love to do?
It’s also not impossible. You can know it by questioning yourself and when someone like a family member or a friend or your partner suggests you to do something you don’t like it or interested in it. Because, your interest is in something else.

It happens with many of us, isn’t it ?? When we ask for suggestion and they tell us this one is better, then we will know what we are interested in. Funny 😀 but true…
So , search for it , what is that really excites you? You will actually have lot of info about that in your mind without you even knowing it. This is simple because whatever we generally like , we tend to learn about it. Write down all your hobbies/ interests / your skills. Think about which one excites you to do no matter what, I’m repeating no matter what, you want to work with that , you don’t care about money, fame, security etc.
You just to want to put your 100 % with all your heart while doing that. No one is needed to push you to do it. That is your passion !!
why should everybody has to run behind private/government jobs??? that’s it ? this is what Life is? Dragging yourself to work, just for financial security, job security and for livelihood? NO !! My dear Friends, this  is “life”, we never know we have another life or not. With what you have now, you must make the most of it and that is our responsibility towards our life. If you don’t even fight for when you know you can do it, then what have you done with your life ?? When you have something in your mind without the purpose of money, security and fame.
Then, it is a pure thought, we call it passion. ❤
See if you already found what your passion is , all right just go for it. please go for it… Dont give up on it, because of whatever the reason ! Once you start showing your talent in that, everybody will approve. Many of the greater things and great people in this world got criticized, discouraged are the ones who we call now successful people.
A great man said, “Do what 99% people are not doing”. Then only we come up with new ideas and you can change your passion into a new career, you didn’t even think exists !!
I really hope this post helps many of you 🙂 Be happy . Do what you love to Do !

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Thank you… ❤ 🙂

Clear your mind…

Refresh Your Mind, clear all your problems and just have fun with life….

When your mind is running wild with thoughts, clouded with unclear decisions and seems like don’t know what’s going on with you!
Just Take a deep breath, sit alone, grab a paper/Personal book/ Diary (if you have the habit of writing one) and pen just write down everything that comes to your mind like whatever the feelings you have, situations you are in, dilemma about decisions and choices you have to solve the problem etc…
This really does the trick to clear your mind and you will be at peace with your mind 🙂

Smile light up your day when your mind is clear…

Trust me on this, because I do it first then I write here to help others who may try it . Your mind will be crystal clear of thoughts, you will definitely know what you want, you will make a decision easily and you will definitely see the way to solve your issues. ❤ Stay happy… 🙂

Warrior princess…

Every girl is a princess and precious… and future women…

Lets remind and learn from our Disney warrior princess… 😉

>>Who says that my dreams have to stay just my dreams…. Ariel from The little Mermaid
>> If you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true… Aurora from The sleeping beauty
>>Sometimes we only see how people are different from us, but if you look hard enough, you can see how much we’re all alike…
Jasmine from Alladin
>>The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all… Mulan from MULAN
>>You don’t really need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely… Rapunzel from Tangled.
>>It’s not until you lose everything that you can truly appreciate everything.. Belle from Beauty and the Beast
>>No matter how you heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true… Cinderella from CINDERELLA
>>Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine… Snow White from SNOW WHITE
>>It takes courage to be who you truly are. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it… Merida from Brave
>>Yes, I’m alone, but I’m alone and free… Elsa from Frozen
>>True love is putting some else before yourself… Anna from Frozen
>>Be who you are on the inside… Moana from MOANA

Every character is a princes and they teach us a lot. So, today let’s remember that every girl/women is a princess in their own way..!
Happy women’s Day 🙂 ❤

Please give it a thumbs up if you too take inspiration from these beautiful brave Disney princess and comment below about who is you favorite princess and why ? Lets have some fun together 😉

Love family..

Time spent with family is worth Every second of it.
They are our loved ones from the day we are born, so when they need us
we should be there to care and look after them !!
That too sisters… “Being sisters means You always have backup”. 🙂

Feels like a bad time… ?

When Everything is falling apart and nothing works out your way.
Really, just stop thinking or doing anything about it for a few days !!
Take a break… go somewhere anywhere you feel peaceful to be.
Better go to places with nature thriving/ any open space where you can see clear sky and just take deep breaths enjoy it. You will definitely feel a new energy, a sense of relief flowing through and little more juice to wait with patience for things to work out on their own. Don’t worry…
“Make yourself right, then everything else will all into the right place”. said by Ralph smart – Infinite waters Diving Deep https://ralphsmart.com/